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What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing could be defined as utilization of external services when the work, which would be otherwise carried out from own resources, is bought from different business unit as a service. You gain a competitive advantage by displacement of additional corporate operations, e.g. operations of accounting department out of the company in order to activate own resources for the main business activity.

The management therefore does not have to deal with issues related to accounting, which might consume considerable amount of time and attention at the expense of the main business activity.

How does it work?

According to the abovementioned could outsourcing resolve concerns related to running the internal accounting department, which include recruitment, maintaining the quality of accounting department and a smooth replacement in case of its dismissal. The costs connected with training new accountants drop out.

The necessity of choosing and purchasing specialized information system, e.g. a payroll software, also drops out. According to client’s requirements it is possible to do bookkeeping in their premises, eventually to do full accounting management in our office. If the client prefer not to hand over original documents, they can archive them at their place and we can work with copies of the documents. It is possible to transmit them electronically.

Benefits for you: